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Brink is coming!

So far the ride with Fathom has been jubilant, outstanding, and even at times fun. But I promised there'd be more to come! And even now as I'm trying to squeeze this in between down time on a business trip while I wait for my room to be cleaned, I'm ecstatic. No really I am. And that's coming from somebody who barely creases a smile at a river dance performance. Is that still a thing?

Idea shift... So why am I so excited? It's because the second book of what you'll soon know as the AC series is being finalized as we speak (so to speak as I'm typing). One that's been doubly called, BRINK. It's been done for quite some time and is a continuation of the series. But don't think that it isn't filled with surprises. This won't be panned out like you're usual crumbles of series gold. I'd envisioned the layout of this series to allow for a large amount of openness. You'll see what I mean once you read it.

BRINK will have a lot in common with FATHOM and even has a few Easter eggs here and there that should send you back to FATHOM saying, "Wait, wait didn't I read something about that?" And that's where the fun is! BRINK will set you off with a new characters, new plot lines, mystery, murder and a whole lot more! I'm trying hard not to just let it all out. But like me at a Garth Brooks concert, I'm just going to have to keep all the emotion inside.

So what's next? Content, bonus releases, free stuff and of course another book. And by bonus releases, I mean just that. SUBSCRIBE if you haven't! See those capital letters? Seriously I pounded that CAPS lock key into submission. All my subscribers on the mailing list will have first access to all content. This even includes FREE book giveaways! I'm even looking at doing a PRE-RELEASE giveaway of the first-draft-edit! IS that CRAZY? Probably, but I just don't care.

I still want your input as a community in shaping the universe I'm continually creating. It's only going to get bigger. The AC series is but a piece of it and there's so much more. So much is still to come it's crazy. But don't be a late adopter, get on now! Then you can tell your friends you were there when it all started. Or at least you can have a good laugh about how awkward I can make someone feel via my keyboard. It's supernatural and yet so necessary. So from me here in my little pocket universe, enjoy! I look forward to what the future holds!

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