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Mikel Parry is a creatively-addicted, prolific, author who's been writing books for over ten years.  While growing up in a small town in Southern Utah, he cultivated his imagination in hopes of one day writing the stories he so loved to create.  He dreamed of far off worlds and outlandish ideas that entertained him during his upbringing.  It took time, dedication, and a whole lot of work for him to finally decide that he was ready to bring his talent out into the open.  As an author,  Mikel Parry not only seeks to entertain, but to inspire his readers.  His passion has produced various thriller, science fiction, horror and mystery books.  All of which carry a piece of himself in every plot and character.

As an author Mikel Parry strives to fascinate, enthrall and twist your mind into creative gnarls.  There's nothing more rewarding to him than to hear that someone has enjoyed one of his stories.  He spends countless hours plotting, creating and crafting each story in hopes of attaining the perfect recipe to captivate his readers.  As a newly published author embarking on his dream of a lifetime,  he hopes to be around for a long, long time.  If you enjoy creative writing then you'll enjoy Mikel Parry.

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