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Fathom - Chapter 1

As promised I am releasing a chapter from my finished book, Fathom. Now you may be asking that if it's finished why isn't there a book out yet? In short, the process... Oh the painful, yet necessary, blood-sucking, life-siphoning process. But there's a light at the end of this tunnel, it's so close to being done. But in the mean time I'm putting out a free chapter to all those who want it!

That's right, I said FREE!

But I'm also going to get a FREE copy, that's right FREE, to the few exclusive people who jumped on to my mailing list (subscribers for the tech inept) early on! This will be coming soon so be watching your email box! You'll know who you are soon enough. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so freaking awesome!

Next in line is building. In this business I'm nothing without followers, and I mean that. To say I'm a small fish in the pond is an understatement, it's more like an ocean. So really what I'd ask you so kindly is simple, talk. If you like the chapter start talking, to me, friends, your dog, even yourself in the mirror (not the healthiest of habits. I do it all the time). If you like or dislike something, say so. You want to know more-ask! As I keep growing this is the BEST time to connect intimately with people with mutual passions. To me this is a community of amazing talent that I'd love to draw from. So tell anyone that likes, loves or even has the faintest of warm fuzzies to come on board. I promise I'll try and make it fun.

Again, as always, a huge shout out to those who have helped so far!

You guys rock! You will not be forgotten!

If you haven't already, SUBSCRIBE! I've got six more books on the way! And more to follow!


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