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Step inside my mind's universe with each and every release.  Check for new updates and releases or just make life easy - subscribe and I'll tell you myself.  It's my sincere hope and desire that you enjoy my life's passion and hard work.  Thank you for giving me your time.  



Detective Demotreus Ward, or Demo, as he is more commonly known, is different because of his unique ability to solve cases by assimilating the criminal mindset while using little to no conventional evidence.  His ability and luck have carried him through the years following the devastating loss of one of his only true friends.  Now he finds himself tangled up in the case of the century.  Decades of murder, lies and deceit come crashing into his world...and his troubles are far from over.  A machine is revealed to Demo that will change his life forever - Fathom.  With Fathom he has the unique ability to not only assume the mindset of the criminal, but to enter directly into it.  Demo Ward is ultimately forced to solve an unbreakable case while using the warped mind of an infamous psychotic killer.   


Fathom is excitement from beginning to end.  Join Demo as he travels into the deep dark places of the human mind in order to stop the ongoing chaos in the real world.  In the world of Fathom anything the mind can create becomes a reality.  It's a race against the clock that will push the limits of what your mind can fathom.  



Thomas Ghune, a.k.a. Tommy Gun, possesses a unique gift that has led to a successful career in investigation.  His extremely eidetic memory has been both a curse and a blessing.  But the world as he knows it is suddenly ripped apart by the death of his soon-to-be wife and a simultaneous series of murders tied into a secret organization.  Facing the impossible odds of trying to stop a madman altering time itself, Thomas must choose to finally face his own reality or fall victim to the sinister scheme that is rapidly unraveling.  His abilities are pushed to the max in an evil game of cat and mouse that is literally ripping through the very fabric of time.  With everything on the line, it is his fight to save the world as he knows it., before time destroys it.  Thomas will have to trust in hope or lose himself to the madness closing in on him second-by-second.


Brink takes your brain through a spin cycle adventure with all of its juicy details and malicious possibilities.  In a race against time to save the world comes the even more complicated task of mastering time itself.  Join Thomas as he dives deep into his brilliant mind to assimilate and solve the case of his lifetime.  Heart-wrenching action, intrigue, and a fascinating character ensemble immerse the reader in this thriller through every gripping moment.  Take the plunge into the very fabric of time to play the most masterful, murderous game of chess ever conceived.   



Commander Max Colburn is a highly-talented and motivated pilot.  Years of experience in flight has made him one of the best.  But now he's faced with the challenge of a lifetime, including Mars and beyond.  On a mission to push man's reach ever further out into the known galaxy, Max and an assembled team of elite astronauts are to man this prestigious mission.  However, all of that changes when the program's funding is suddenly cut off and the team disassembled.  Under the intense pressure of failure, Max makes a risky 'deal with the devil' and joins a secret organization that promises everything he could hope for.  Amidst the chaos that ensues in space comes a shocking truth...a truth that has been hidden for ages that will consume both Max and his crew.  Beyond the lies and deceit, awaits the true challenge of surviving the epic voyage. Locked away for ages is an ancient weapon that will truly test Max and his crew to their very last shred of humanity.


Pedirol takes the known universe - and flips it upside down.  On a voyage that is plagued by a shroud of deceit comes an even darker and more sinister adversary. Heart-pounding action is the order of the day in this compelling thriller.  Journey deep into the darkest fears of even the most courageous.  Pedirol will leave you questioning your own resolve...and if you have what it takes to survive.  


Coming Soon

John - Awakening    

In a universe divided, one man stands to change the outcome of humanity.  An ordinary man sets out on a journey that will change him forever.  A world torn apart by war is now staged against an unbreakable alien armada.  By sheer destiny he is plunged into the unfolding saga that ultimately decides humanity's role in the ever-changing universe.  From alien creatures and armadas, new worlds in space, lost civilizations and much, much more...John is pitted against it all in a heart-pounding adventure that will leave you breathless.


As remarkable as it is improbable, John is the only human survivor of a physical encounter with the so-called ETHL alien life forms.  Follow the man who has lost everything as he goes on a journey into the far reaches of the unknown while stranded on an uncharted planet filled with remarkable life, mystery and a heart-stopping history.  It is up to him to either be broken or awaken into something far greater.


John - Hell's Savior


After discovering the truth about the Stechcov Hope, John is thrown into the dreaded clutches of a prison planet known only as Hell's Crater, where he is pitted against all odds in order to survive.  His powers increase along with his growth and understanding of the calamity that has now engulfed the known universe.  Follow John while he discovers the truth about his past as he faces murderous prisoners, blood thirsty tyrants, rot zombies, ravenous sand worms and much, much more.


Hell's Savior will grip you from beginning to end and is a riveting addition to the three part series known as The John Books.  Follow John as he continues his quest to reunite his family and friends while unveiling a deeper truth behind the darkest secrets kept by those he once trusted most.  Will he triumph and rise to the top of the malicious prison planet as its savior...or be relinquished into the scorching sands as yet another victim?

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