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Looking for additional information about the author Mikel Parry?  Look no further.  Here a relevant discussion of current news and events will be posted and maintained as best as possible.  For any other updates be sure to subscribe and follow Mikel Parry on his social network sites and email subscribing list!

Fathom - Book Signing and Events

Just completed my first book signing event at Weller Book works in Salt Lake City UT.  Looking to do a ton more events and signings!  If you have an area you'd like me to get to just ask!  Had a lot of amazing questions from fans.  The whole experience was very rewarding and very engaging!  Here's to many more!

John - Awakening


I am proud to announce the release of content, updates, news and more for my first real novel, John Awakening.  It's my vision for this project to be a community effort and to allow the voice of my fellow readers and followers to be heard.  This will include pre-release copies of the books where fans can help edit the story, characters and anything in between.  This is the first book of a three-part series now known as The John Books.  

Fathom - Newly Released on Amazon


It went by in just a matter of months but my fourth book, Fathom, is complete and available on Amazon and other bookstores in both eBook and print versions!  This book is my first full release to the public for purchase and the first of a four-part thriller series that takes the reader on an intriguing adventure of the mind.  Stick around and enjoy!


The cat's out of the bag.  My sixth book, Brink, is ready for the editing process.  But there's more to it than just a title, much more.  I'm excited to bring more on this book out into the open as it progresses.  For the fans of Fathom, it's a must-read!

John - Hell's Savior


After the completion of John Awakening, I finished John Hell's Savior. This book was truly an adventure for me to write. I loved the worlds that came about after many, many hours of work and dedication. Hell's Savior takes the series into the next chapters of what has become of our unsung hero. Don't miss out as this too will be edited and ready soon!


I'm now chugging away on my fifth book, Pedirol.  This book is a special treat for me as I've loved the idea and image of it for quite some time.  I have worked hard to develop the characters, plots and mind-warping scenes that are buried within its pages.  I truly hope it will become one of my classics as I move forward with other books, and I am working towards having this one completely finished in a few months. I will be ecstatic to release a full, purchasable copy of the book for all of the fans!  

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