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Fathom - The Clean Copy Arrived!

It feels so good to finally be holding a finished copy. Just go ahead and let it sink in for a moment. At least that's what I've been telling myself. A part of me still thinks it isn't real and yet, it is. Short story needlessly stretched out, FATHOM is completed! That's right after three renditions, that's right count them up, it now has a squeaky clean copy ready to be ISBN'd, read, cherished and hopefully shared. I was so mad-happy, mappy in proper English, that I used my new web cam to take an awkward picture! Please no one creep out and say they know where I live based on my lighting and carpet color.

If I don't look to energetic there's a story attached to a two year old who suddenly has a baseless fear of his closet. But either way let's move things along. What does it mean for you. Well if you were one of my subscribers who jumped on board when I was pushing the free copy offer, well you get a FREE copy! I might mention it will be a pre-release copy that you'll have long before it hits the actual market. All I would kindly ask of you is to do what you will inherently be doing anyways, REVIEW IT! Reviews are EVERYTHING. Without them I can't get better or make things better. So for the exclusive people who are on the mailing list, please gut this book open and let me hear from you! I want yo hear it all.

For everyone else who missed the free copy giveaway, SUBSCRIBE anyways. I''ll be doing giveaways over and over. I've got plenty of other books and I want to get them into your hands. But I can't if you're not SUBSCRIBED. I'll also be mailing the first chapter from FATHOM to tease a little to set the mood for its full on release. I know it's been a road to get here but there is so much more to come, bear with me. As always I've got to thank all my awesome followers and fans! You guys rock! Without you I'm just destroying my keyboard one stroke at a time pointlessly. But there is a point and it's you! I want you to enjoy my books and get involved as I continue to pursue this passion.

Want to help? Tell you friends to get in on the action. The word of mouth is priceless, can't stress that enough. FATHOM is coming!

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Thanks again!

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